November 28, 2022

5 Ways to Stay Physically Active This Winter

As the cold weather settles in, many people become prone to late mornings wrapped in a blanket or early nights cozied up with a good book. While there’s nothing wrong with an occasional lazy Sunday, it’s important to stay active to avoid the consequences of sedentarism. Sticking to your workout regimen is hard, so we wanted to share our top 5 tips to keep yourself moving during the colder months:

Create a workout schedule: Customize a schedule that works for you. You can exercise at any time of the day that feels best for your body, except at night when you’re getting ready for bed. Make it easy for yourself – if you have an early morning workout, get to bed early and prepare a healthy breakfast!

Get a workout buddy: It’s easier to convince yourself to exercise when you have a partner! Find a workout group or try walking in a mall before its stores open. It’s a great way to meet new people and avoid slipping on icy sidewalks. 

Keep on swimming: Swimming is a fantastic cardiovascular exercise because it’s easy on joints and something you can easily do year-round. Check with your local gym or public pool to see if they have special hours for senior aqua-fit classes or open swim for seniors.  

Explore at-home exercise options: There are many ways to stay active without leaving the comfort of your own home. You can opt for simple indoor workout routines that will keep you in shape. Look for workout applications or websites, many of which offer senior fitness courses for people to do at home.

Stay safe and warm: Regardless of how you decide to stay active, the number one priority is always safety. The cold weather season comes with a number of hazards like slips and falls and frostbite. Always keep an eye on the weather conditions and wear plenty of layers for outdoor activities. Know the warning signs of hypothermia and always make sure you are properly hydrated.  

A regular exercise regimen can be hard to stick to, especially during the winter months, but keep moving! Working out regularly has positive impacts on your overall emotional health and physical wellbeing. Click here to see some workouts you can try at home.