April 5, 2021

A Message from Jeff Cohen

Nothing could have prepared us for this last year.

What we’ve been through can (and will) fill volumes, but it’s also been a 365-day case study in caring on the part of our staff and doing everything possible to protect our patients, residents and staff against the terrifying threat of COVID-19.

As a senior care organization, Kline Galland was in the thick of it from the very beginning.  It was a traumatizing time, but it was also a time of real bravery and an unselfishness that still gives me pause today. The residents, the board, the staff, and the community staff saw how all-consuming this pandemic was going to be. The Kline Galland infrastructure held during a very tough time. And the reason…100% our people.

Objectives were never in question. The board demonstrated vital leadership, aligned with one common purpose, to keep everyone healthy and safe. The staff worked the front line without complaint, doing everything humanly and medically possible to keep residents safe, and maintaining an open line of communication between residents and family. And, at the time of our greatest need, the community came through, with generous contributions, bringing us boxes of supplies, and PPE. We will be forever grateful for the support our community has shown, which I’m convinced absolutely saved lives.

Now what can you say about our residents? They were kind, they were understanding, they followed protocols, they went months without seeing family, and displayed to a person, that, yes, they do indeed have the biggest hearts on the planet. Even the smallest act of caring, was an important touch of humanity. As an organization centered around community, connections, and care, these life-altering changes were so difficult for our residents, and for all of us. The sacrifices they made, and continue to make, are what will keep us safe and come out stronger on the other side.

Looking back, I take tremendous pride having witnessed the heroic efforts of our people. But still, we did lose people to this pandemic. We grieve for them and our hearts weigh heavy with grief as we extend our deepest condolences to their families. The vestige of these losses will remain within me, and our community, forever.

Now we look forward, and that horizon line is brightening once again. The challenges, while daunting, remain within our reach. Most residents and staff are now vaccinated, social activities are back on the calendar, life is moving more in the direction of “normal.”  We are getting through this at Kline Galland, and it is all due to an amazing team of staff, board members, volunteers, family and community who I have the honor of working with every day. As we continue our work, I am grateful for the continued support of our community.


Jeff Cohen, Kline Galland CEO

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