September 16, 2022

Aging at home: maintaining mobility and completing activities of daily living

People are aging differently and living longer than ever before. Thanks to programs like Kline Galland’s Community Based Services, more seniors are also able to age in the comfort of their own home. The ability to age in one’s home is an empowering and positive development, but it also brings a new list of challenges that require flexibility, mobility, and an openness to change. Fortunately, a number of different technological advances and home modifications can be combined with caregiving services to make aging at home a realistic goal. 

Here are some tips to help you maintain mobility and complete activities of daily living (ADLs):

Stay mobile: The ability to move freely and easily is a critical part of aging in place. Sedentarism is an increasingly large health concern for seniors, so make sure you are staying physically active and not spending too much time sitting down on a daily basis. 

Keep up on basic ADL activities: Make sure you are regularly keeping up on all of your normal activities, including eating, dressing, bathing/showering, and personal/toilet hygiene. While these may occasionally seem like an annoyance, they are critical to helping you maintain mobility and independence. Try to consider how to safely complete as many instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs) as possible, including cleaning the home, cooking meals, running errands, and managing finances. If any of these seem too difficult to keep up with regularly, it might be a good time to consider some home care options that can provide the support you need.

Research home modifications: Make sure your home has the proper safety and convenience measures necessary for your specific long-term care needs. Consider your ADLs and IADLs to identify what adjustments are necessary, and do lots of research into who will do the work. There are a number of companies that are dedicated to making homes senior friendly.

Ensure your safety: Modifying your home and remaining physically active are important, but you also need to have a system in place in the case you need help. Consider purchasing a medical alert system and additional safeguards in an emergency. Make sure to have a plan 24/7.

Stay social: Emotional and mental health are important keys to aging well. Find and engage in activities you enjoy, and consider picking up new hobbies outside of the home. These don’t have to be huge commitments, something as simple as volunteering or joining a club can bring meaningful new friendships and fill a senior’s social calendar. 

It is essential to maintain quality of life and safety for seniors aging at home, and Kline Galland is uniquely positioned to help with that. Our Community Based Services provide one-to-one health care for seniors living throughout the Puget Sound region. Services are customized and provided by professionals when and where you need them most, often in the comfort of your home. It’s all part of our Continuum of Care – and caring – that is never-ending. To learn more, please click here.