January 31, 2023

Art Series Available at the Kline Galland Home

Acclaimed Seattle Jewish artist Nancy Current is the graphic artist behind “When a Poor Man…” hanging at the Kline Galland Home. The piece is part of the Charity series, consisting of six mixed media works. Nancy has saved the five remaining Tzedakah prints for the Kline Galland Home

From the Artist:

The Charity Series features six significant ideas about charity from the rabbis as written in the Talmud. The imagery represents mothers and fathers, teachers and rabbis educating children in homes, schools and synagogues. As we employ different methods to teach, so different techniques were used to make the images: drawing, painting, collage, screen printing and print making. 

Architectural elements are both literal and symbolic allusions to the foundations of our teachings. Screen printed fragments from the Cairo genizah represent many centuries of rabbinical knowledge, opinions and text about how best to live our lives and what is required of us as Jews.

As a Jewish artist, I create my work in the modern genre of visual midrash, which allows me to visually present Jewish texts with my comments and interpretations. All my work is intended to foster thought and discussion of Jewish concepts important for Jews and the entire world.

Each piece in the series is altered monotype, collage, screenprinting on paper. Measuring 25” x 31” framed, each print will feature a donor plaque directly underneath. The works will be displayed together as a set, and are a wonderful way for a family to honor their loved ones. For more information, please contact:

Nate Nusbaum
Chief Philanthropy Officer
(206) 456-9702