Kline Galland is thrilled to announce a change of name for its Community Based Services. In honor of Rebecca and Jack Benaroya’s many years of service and generosity, the new program name is officially Benaroya Community Services.

Kline Galland’s Community Services program provides one-to-one health care for seniors living throughout King County. Services are customized and provided by professionals when and where you need them the most, often in the comfort of your own home.

In 2010, the leadership of Kline Galland saw a real need to serve the seniors living outside its facility walls within the community. This innovative approach was designed to better meet the needs of seniors, wherever they reside. Meeting seniors where they are improves the critical care they are being offered, as well as expands the reach of services available to seniors throughout our community.

Benaroya Community Services was renamed in 2023, through a generous gift from Rebecca Benaroya. Throughout her 44 years of service on Kline Galland’s Board of Directors, Rebecca has provided invaluable leadership and direction to the Kline Galland operations and facilities. Rebecca Benaroya became involved with Kline Galland when her mother, Dona Benoun, of blessed memory, became a resident in our facility. Through their experience, Rebecca and her late husband Jack have been champions of Kline Galland. We are deeply grateful for the support of Rebecca Benaroya in guaranteeing the future of Kline Galland for the generations to come.