June 3, 2021

The Best Way to Honor Your Father and Mother? Getting a COVID-19 Vaccination.

While it appears that there may be some light at the end of this long and winding COVID-19 tunnel, we are not out of the woods just yet. It is disheartening that breakthrough cases of COVID-19 are once again on the rise in long-term-care facilities. Because of our residents’ susceptibility and vulnerability to infectious diseases … Read More

April 5, 2021

A Message from Jeff Cohen

Nothing could have prepared us for this last year. What we’ve been through can (and will) fill volumes, but it’s also been a 365-day case study in caring on the part of our staff and doing everything possible to protect our patients, residents and staff against the terrifying threat of COVID-19. As a senior care … Read More

January 2, 2020

Building From Strength to Strength

As 2020 unfolds, we will dedicate our new synagogue at Kline Galland Home named in honor of our President Emeritus, Josh Gortler. We are thrilled beyond words at the creation of this beautiful new space made possible by the generous donations of our incredibly supportive community – a community that is recognizing Josh’s 50 year … Read More

September 3, 2019

The Secondary Century of Kline Galland Care

Kline Galland has been a fixture in the Greater Seattle senior care community for 105 years. To put that into perspective, consider this – 1914 was when World War I consumed Europe, the Panama Canal opened to traffic and, yes, baseball legend Babe Ruth made his major league debut. And here we are, now in … Read More

May 2, 2019

Focusing on The Big Picture

At Kline Galland, we are an organization that prides itself in looking at and to the big picture. We are focused not only on this year and the next; but we are also anticipating the wants, needs and demands our seniors will require in and from their health care. We continue to evolve quality of … Read More

April 10, 2019

The Summit’s Wellness Program is Making News

Wellness has always been an important part of life at The Summit at First Hill. And while some folks may think of “wellness” in the more traditional sense, Channel 13 found our 93-year old resident Bernice Bloch to be a knockout in the ring. She’s most definitely a champ in my book. Click here to … Read More

January 2, 2019

We Are Living The Legacy of Caroline Kline Galland

Over a century ago, with the conviction and compassion like no other, Caroline Kline Galland set out to change the world of senior care. As I look around, I am humbly in awe of all that our community has accomplished in building her Kline Galland into today’s Kline Galland. From a little house established with … Read More

August 31, 2018

The Age of Aging Differently.

Change is in the air, everywhere. Health care, especially senior health care, is a prime example. To fully appreciate the change I have in mind, merely look back to 1990’s. The advances in medicine and health care are staggering. We are experiencing – in fact demanding – a quality of care and options that not … Read More

December 20, 2017

The Only Constant is Change

The past 12 months has seen the future of health care discussed and debated as never before. It has caught the attention of the entire nation – quality-of-care and quality-of-life are front and center. That’s nothing new at Kline Galland. For over a century now, we have been shaping the future of senior care. It … Read More

September 13, 2017

Our Mission in Action

You might be surprised to see a very vibrant, handsome and engaging young man on the cover of the Autumn issue of Chai Lites. No, he’s not a volunteer. Todd, as you will read, was a patient in our Rehabilitation/Transitional Care Unit (TCU) who came to us flat on his back, and is now back … Read More