COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update

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UPDATED: 5/29/2020

A Message from Jeff Cohen: COVID-19 Update for 05/29/2020

We have been working to keep everyone updated on actions being taken to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) at the Kline Galland Home, The Summit at First Hill and within Community Based Services. We remain committed to providing you factual information during this time and have a few updates we would like to share. Wishing you a happy and meaningful Shavuot.


It has been a blessedly quiet week and we have no new positive cases to report. Senior leadership spent time with staff this week, as they do every week, reiterating the importance of remaining vigilant with infection control, proper use of PPE and symptom monitoring. Our staff continues to be supplied with face shields and masks that have become standard issue. We continue to be deeply grateful for our wonderful staff, who have arrived every day with dedication, professionalism, and grace under pressure. Kline Galland’s Infection Control Team continues to actively monitor the developing COVID-19 situation, including daily screening of our staff prior to beginning their work shift.


At the Kline Galland Home, in the event of a patient’s positive COVID-19 test result, we will call the responsible parties of the patients in the affected unit. Once the responsible parties are notified, we will issue updates via email, on our website, and on Facebook. At The Summit at First Hill, in the event of a patient’s positive COVID-19 test result, we will call the residents and family members of the person affected, and will then provide updates via email, on our website, and on Facebook. For Community Based Services, in the event of a patient’s positive COVID-19 test result, we will notify all other patients and staff who may have been in contact with the patient. We will then provide updates via email, our website, and on Facebook. Our utmost priority is taking care of residents and patients, and this streamlined protocol will allow our staff to focus on the wellbeing of our residents.


Admissions at the Kline Galland Home are being allowed with a provided negative COVID-19 test. We are also admitting hospice patients with negative COVID-19 tests, our own Kline Galland Home patients who are being re-admitted with negative COVID-19 tests and The Summit at First Hill patients who need Kline Galland Home services and have a negative COVID-19 test. We understand that family members would like to visit at this time, but unfortunately for the safety of our residents and staff we are unable to allow this. FaceTime or Skype calls with your loved ones are encouraged, and your social worker can assist in setting this up.


Thank you to everyone who has answered our call for donations of personal protective equipment. If you are local to the Seattle area and have unopened boxes or cases of germicidal wipes or hand sanitizer that you are willing to donate to our facilities, we would graciously accept them at this time. We recommend calling the Kline Galland Home at (206) 725-8800 to notify them that you are dropping off supplies. The address of the Kline Galland Home is 7500 Seward Park Avenue South, Seattle WA 98118.


If you have specific questions regarding your loved one, please contact your social worker. If you have general questions, please do not hesitate to call our Resource Line.

Resource Line: (206) 723-INFO

Kline Galland Home: (206) 725-8800
The Summit at First Hill: (206) 652-4444

Kline Galland Home Health & Community Based Services: (206) 805-1930

CDC Resource Page can be found here

WA State Department of Health Resource Page can be found here

We are continuing to follow the guidelines set forth by the King County Health Department, the Washington State Department of Public Health and the CDC. If there are any changes in situation or updates, know that we are committed to keeping you informed. Thank you to our community for your support at this time.

Jeff Cohen

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