Bonnie & Alan Stone

For many years Alan woke up every morning by looking at Bonnie and saying, “I’m sorry!” He figured this would give him a pass for the rest of the day. Call it a preemptive move or just plain smart it has worked for them for the past sixty-five years.

These days he begins each morning by saying, “Good morning sunshine.” They agree, starting their days this way is the key to a successful marriage. They believe that marriage is about “give and take.” As they finished each other’s sentence they both came up with the phrase, “caring and sharing.” This is what they said to each other on their fiftieth anniversary and it still holds true today.

They met on a blind date when Alan moved here from Chicago. Bonnie is a native and went to high school at Garfield. Alan had first dated Bonnie’s friend until she “ditched” him and “gave” him to Bonnie. The friend’s loss was Bonnie’s gain. Bonnie and Alan have three children, three grandchildren and two honorary grandchildren, their cousin’s kids.

To sum it up, “We are comfortable with each other.”