Barbara Rose

I recently moved from the East Coast where I had lived in upstate New York for most of my life. I was moving to Seattle to be closer to my daughter and to be around people my same age. My friend told me before I moved into The Summit, “Barbara… participate, try new things and be outgoing.”

I followed her advice with no regrets! Moving to a big city like Seattle from small town Hudson, New York has been easier than I expected.  People here are friendly and everything is so convenient.

Best of all is the change it has brought out in me. I have jump-started my “inner outgoing” personality. I have always been a social person which served me well as a clothing shop owner for sixteen years. I love being with my family. I have two amazing daughters and a wonderful son. I also am lucky to have two marvelous daughters-in-law, and two terrific grandsons!

As my grandmother always said, “I have wonderful kinder!”