Hanna Adler

I grew up in Pittsburgh, attended the University of Pittsburgh where I majored in education. I was married for fifty-four years and have two daughters and two sons. I have seven grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren.

My husband and I were both only children and grew up in very quiet homes. Unlike the way we were both brought up, we wanted a large family with lots of children and a busy household. We moved to Seattle over fifty years ago so that my husband could work at Boeing.

I stayed at home with my kids until they were older and then I began to work as a teacher in a preschool. I have always been a quiet person, probably because of the way I was raised. My husband was a quiet man too but I think that gene must skip generations because my children provided an active home. We always had dogs or cats and lots of extra kids in our home that added to the wonderful chaos.

I really enjoyed reading, cooking, baking and being with the family. I have lived at The Summit for three years. These days, I like to sit back, listen, observe and go out as often as I can. I have learned in life it is important to just go with the flow.