Naomi Henryson (z”l)*

My best advice to people is to “listen carefully”. If you don’t pay attention to what you are doing you can end up in trouble or you can sign up for something you don’t really need. Either way I try not to “stew” about things.

I learned the hard way to take each day as it comes. My parents both died when I was very young and I was raised by my grandparents.

I went to nursing school in San Francisco and when the night shift ended at midnight we would all go to jazz clubs to listen to the musicians jam. I worked as a nurse until I had my son and wasn’t able to work the long shifts. Instead, I took an on-call job at The Bon Marche and worked there until I retired.

I have been married twice and have one son who lives in Israel. I have four grandchildren and around forty great-grandchildren who also live in Israel.

I just turned 102 years old and my secret to long life is… “There is no secret.”

*(z”l) – of blessed memory