Kline Galland’s COVID-19 Response:

On the Front lines Today and Tomorrow

Keeping our residents, patients, and staff safe continues to be our utmost priority at Kline Galland. However, managing this during a global pandemic has come at enormous costs. Senior care facilities have become a “ground zero” for COVID-19. In fact, the NY Times reports that 43% of coronavirus deaths are linked to nursing home residents or staff.

The coming months will require even more vigilance. Our needs continue to grow for more PPE, rapid testing requirements, additional staff, and added training and resiliency resources for our frontline hero caregivers. 

We need you NOW more than ever.

Please be our HERO

The Kline Galland board of directors recently created a Heroes Campaign to provide philanthropic resources to best support Kline Galland through COVID-19.

There is a Hebrew term – Ometz Lev – that translates to courage of the heart. Ometz Lev has been a guiding light for Kline Galland since our beginning. Your commitment to Ometz Lev helps us to continue our work. Right now, we need heroes. We need the support of our community to help maintain the resources we require to keep our loved ones as safe as possible.

Blue Ribbon Committee

We want to extend our special appreciation to our honorary committee for lending their support for this campaign.

  • Karen and Gary Schwartz
  • Gwenn and Dean Polik
  • Joyce Benezra
  • Becky Benaroya
  • Joy and Chai Mann


Thank you to our in-kind donors:

Donate today

Gifts of any amount are gratefully received and tax-deductible as allowed by law.

For more information on the “Heroes” Campaign or any gifts to Kline Galland (including in-kind), please contact Nate Nusbaum, Chief Development Officer, NateN@KlineGalland.org / (206) 456-9702.

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