November 28, 2022

How to Travel Safely

Travel is back in full swing. As people prepare to visit friends and family across the world, it’s important to make sure you and your loved ones are staying safe. If you are an older adult considering travel, there are a list of precautions to take that will help you stay healthy during your trip:

Make an appointment with your doctor: Plan on doing this at least a month before your trip so you can discuss health concerns and any destination-specific information that may be important. Make sure to cover your vaccination status, including your flu shot, and any chronic medical conditions, planned activities, current prescriptions, etc. 

Stay informed: Keep an eye on the ever-shifting environment of COVID-19 and Influenza to avoid areas that may be particularly high risk, and check for travel restrictions and advisories. The U.S. State Department  website issues advisories and reports on safety conditions for traveling domestically and internationally. 

Consider hitting the road: Flying may be the most convenient way to travel, but a road trip gives you more control over your personal space. Try creating an itinerary ahead of time that gives you plenty of time and identifies points of interest and hotels/campgrounds along the way. Wear your mask whenever you are at a rest stop or gas station and make sure to clean your hands when you get back in your car.

Make a detailed packing list: When it’s time to pack, make sure to include plenty of hand sanitizer, masks, tissues, disinfectant wipes, and a thermometer. If you have extra at-home COVID-19 tests, feel free to include those as well and test yourself before/after seeing your loved ones. 

Safety first: Even the best plans may need to be canceled in the event someone gets sick. If you or any of your proposed travel companions have signs or symptoms of COVID-19, stay home. Ask your family if there’s a virtual way you can join them for this year’s festivities, instead.

Additional resources:

  • You can check on the vaccine rollout state by state on medical research sites like the Mayo Clinic
  • Read up on the latest travel health notices and COVID-19 travel recommendations via the CDC. 
  • Click here to get the latest travel safety tips from AARP.