September 13, 2017

Our Mission in Action

You might be surprised to see a very vibrant, handsome and engaging young man on the cover of the Autumn issue of Chai Lites. No, he’s not a volunteer. Todd, as you will read, was a patient in our Rehabilitation/Transitional Care Unit (TCU) who came to us flat on his back, and is now back at Boeing.

Our TCU, both inpatient and out, has no age boundary. Be it millennials, boomers or our greatest generation; the Kline Galland TCU is here for our entire community, anchored by our incredibly talented Rehab and nursing teams. It is our mission in action: providing exceptional care by exceptional people…every day, in every way, for every one.

This is just one of the ways Kline Galland continues to evolve as all of our needs do the same. You can see it everywhere as we are committed to lead the way – the new Memory Support Community in an Assisted Living setting at The Summit; hospice, home health, home care and other Community Based Services; traditional long-term care, adult day center, the list goes on and on.

Today, Kline Galland is Your Single-Source Senior Care Resource™. All our services are tied together with our Senior Care Resource Line – a single number that connects you to a live advocate; someone to help you navigate the confusing world of senior care and access available resources. You call just one number, (206) 723-INFO. That’s it. No worries, no hassle, no strings attached. Welcome to Kline Galland.

Wishing you and yours a most happy and healthy New Year.

Categories: From the CEO