Dillon makes rounds at Kline Galland Home every three weeks – hot diggity dog!

Angela Keophilavong is surrounded by people who treat her like family.

Dr. Hope Druckman sees Kline Galland Hospice supporting patient and family alike.

Allan Steinman thinks the Kline Galland Board is the best one which he’s ever served.

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Linda Capeluto had peace of mind thanks to Kline Galland Home Care.

Toni Goins answers your questions on the Senior Care Resource Line.

Todd Erickson explains how Kline Galland gave him back his life.

Donna Hubbard, “Our priorities were quality of health care, safety and security.”

Annie Fairchild knows retirement living is at its best at The Summit.

Brian & Esther Quint are part of a four-generation Kline Galland family.

Watson Louie helps Kline Galland Rehab patients heal on the way home.

Jeanie Alhadeff, “Kline Galland Hospice took over Mom’s care…I was able to breathe.”

Brian Quint, Former Board Chair, looks to the future of senior health care.

Alan Stone knows dinners are a social event at The Summit at First Hill.

Esther Quint is not bashful talking about rehabbing her knee at Kline Galland.

Alyssa Bobman Cohen speaks up about the value and values of volunteering.

Jeanie Alhadeff, a Seattle native, has had Kline Galland in her life all her life.

Mike Cohen addresses the importance of building and maintaining community trust.

Pearl Simons loves life living at Kline Galland Home.

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