December 19, 2022

Thank you for helping turn a difficult year into a brilliant one

It’s been a challenging year for senior care facilities across the country. The entire industry is experiencing an historic era of workforce scarcity, forcing many skilled nursing units to lower their bed availabilities.

However, that storyline is trending a lot more positive at Kline Galland, and it’s all thanks to our people.

I am humbled by the incredible work of our staff members in caring for residents and patients, making a difference in people’s lives every single day. Through diligence and devotion, our employees provide critical services and honest compassion to those in our care. They are the reason Kline Galland is able to maintain census bed availability in these less-than-optimal times.

That is why we are focused on expanding benefits for our staff – including increased salaries and paid time off – as well as building growth opportunities. It’s about keeping a healthy level of staffing while doing everything we can to make sure our people want to stay here and grow with us. Toward that end, we’re also improving our facilities and adding services that provide value to our staff, residents and patients, including:

  • The grand opening of the Marty Bender Family Garden through our partnership with the University of Washington
  • The dedication of the Sarah and Joshua H. Gortler Synagogue
  • Beginning construction of the Hospice Focused Unit at Kline Galland Home
  • Developing an In-Patient Hospice Program that includes training, enhanced hospice services, and hiring of new staff
  • Remodeling the Nursing Station at Kline Galland Home, aimed to improve work environment and enhance technology
  • Welcoming first members to our newly opened Caroline Legacy Society
  • Committing to a revolutionary technology program that aims to make Kline Galland a center of innovation, contributing to our status as a category leader
  • Enhancing our security measures at the Kline Galland Home and our other campuses

Looking ahead to 2023, there are some huge developments in process, including a wonderful gift from Becky Benaroya that allows us to re-envision our approach to Community Based Services. We are developing a new and improved Community Based Services program (with a new name even), and all the exciting details will be coming soon. Stay tuned.

I am beyond grateful for the dedication of our staff members and the expertise, kindness, and love they show to our residents and patients. Duly, I am grateful for our community who shows us, year after year, that our mission is important, and our work is vital to our community. Without the commitment and support of our donors, big and small, we would not be able to deliver the highest quality of care.

Wishing you a safe and peaceful winter season, and a wonderful start to 2023.

Jeffrey D. Cohen
Chief Executive Officer

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