August 31, 2018

The Age of Aging Differently.

Change is in the air, everywhere. Health care, especially senior health care, is a prime example.

To fully appreciate the change I have in mind, merely look back to 1990’s. The advances in medicine and health care are staggering. We are experiencing – in fact demanding – a quality of care and options that not long ago didn’t exist. We are living longer. Many of us want to age in place – to have care come to us, not the other way around.

As wants, needs and desires evolve, Kline Galland does as well. Kline Galland Home Care is but one example. Today we have over 90 closely supervised, individually trained, State-licensed caregivers serving community members throughout King County. It’s part of the next generation of Kline Galland Care — personalized care for those who need a little extra non-medical support to receive just that –all in the comfort of home.

Being Your Single-Source Senior Care Resource™ dictates staying ahead of the curve. That is our goal as we strive to lead the way in this age of aging differently. I think David Ben-Gurion said it best, “It’s not enough to be up to date; you have to be up to tomorrow.”

Wishing you and yours a happy and sweet Rosh Hashanah

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