February 25, 2022

The beauty of ever-evolving art with Debbie Cahn

“I am a mixed-media artist who has created a large body of unique and experimental work over twenty years in various media, including art quilting, fiber art, abstract acrylic painting, collage, and photography. My art and I are constantly evolving.” – Debbie Cahn

Mary Schwartz Summit resident Debbie Cahn has spent the last twenty years exploring creative outlets to express herself. This curiosity led her through a variety of art forms throughout the years, which are currently on display in the gallery at the Mary Schwartz Summit.

Debbie paired her art show with a talk given to other Mary Schwartz Summit residents about her evolution as an artist, including her inspiration, process, and journey through art mediums. Debbie reminds us how important it is to feel comfortable expressing yourself, and that we all have a creative viewpoint to share—you never know where it will end up. We are so glad that Debbie is able to share her art forms with us!

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