April 19, 2023

The Return of Bistro Nights

After a hiatus due to Covid-19, Kline Galland’s Bistro Nights are returning to the Mary Schwartz Summit. Jeremy Duitch, Executive Chef and Corporate Director of Culinary, has been with Kline Galland for 23 years. We sat down with Jeremy to talk about the history of Bistro Nights, and all the details on the upcoming event in May:

How did Bistro Nights get started at the Mary Schwartz Summit?

We had our first bistro night in 2005 and have had them a few times a year since then. The idea was to share Kline Galland’s delicious Kosher food with the broader community, as well as allow people to enjoy The Summit’s beautiful dining room, which had only been open for a couple years at that point. The star of the show has always been the food, because I like to do big takes on classics, as well as inventive fusion dishes.

What do you think Bistro Nights have meant to the Kosher community here in Seattle?

With the exception of having your kosher meat meal catered, Bistro Nights are the only place in Seattle to get a tableside meat meal. People were so used to having these dinners a few times a year, and COVID really disrupted that. Our community has not lost interest, I have gotten calls often over the past three years wondering when we would have the next night. We are excited to bring Bistro Nights back to our community. I love being part of what I think is a great Jewish date night at The Summit.

What do the Mary Schwartz Summit residents think of Bistro Nights?

Over the years the residents have expressed so much pride that community members want to come to The Summit for a meal. My focus for the past two decades has been to create the best food—not just kosher, but the best food—that connects our residents and creates memories through dining and the dining experience.

What is your favorite thing about Bistro Nights?

I love that I get to break the mold on what people think is Kosher Food. I like to push the envelope, cooking things you wouldn’t make yourself. Everything is restaurant style, made to order, and the night has such great energy.

Any sneak peeks into the menu for May?

I’m still dreaming up all the details, but I’ve been playing around with a thai-style white fish with papaya salad, black garlic fried chicken wings, and an Asian inspired bibimbap with boneless Korean kalbi short ribs. If you’re joining us, I would plan to come to eat.


The next Bistro Night at the Mary Schwartz Summit will be:

Tuesday, May 30th at 7:45p

The cost is $125 per person. Please note, this price reflects our increased costs of food and operational costs.

To make a reservation, please contact the Mary Schwartz Summit Concierge at (206) 652-4444.

Please note that capacity is limited and reservations are first come first served.