April 5, 2021

‘Tis the Season to Spring into Gardening

Winter is over and we are all eager to step outside and enjoy some spring sunshine. With social distancing measures still in place, embracing a new hobby like gardening is one of the best ways to stay safe, connect to nature, and keep active.

Gardening can boost your mood, lower anxiety, and increase your mobility and flexibility. It can also give you some beautiful foliage to admire and fresh fruits and vegetables for your meals.

Here are some tips to flex your green thumb:

  • Pick your spot. Indoors or outdoors, gardening is adaptable to any space.
  • Adapt or modify gardening tools to stay comfortable while gardening.
  • Select your plants. If you’re gardening indoors, succulents are an ideal low-maintenance plant that can thrive in different environments.
  • Hang up your plants to make a hanging garden that saves floor space.
  • Create a terrarium or buy a premade one if you want to go for a statement piece of décor.
  • Save money by growing plants from seed.
  • Turn old furniture into a garden bed with simple modifications.
  • Liven up your pots with acrylic paint.
  • If your mobility is limited, go for a vertical garden to avoid stooping or bending. You can also use and customize the height of raised bed planters for more comfort.

Whether you garden indoors or outdoors, in a large space or small, gardening can improve your wellness by nourishing your mind and body. So, have fun and create a new haven to enjoy!

Categories: Health & Wellness