“Welcome” New Board Members

Published: February 1, 2017

After several months of assessing both needs and opportunities, the Kline Galland Board of Directors is proud to announce and welcome four new members:

• DAVID FAIN: A wide range of hands-on involvement globally in financial risk management and stewardship, in addition to Jewish non-profit leadership.

• RABBI JAMES MIREL: A guiding light in our Jewish community for over four decades; Rabbi Mirel has a long history of service to Kline Galland.

• STEVEN P. SCHWARTZ: Sought-after strategist and specialist in health-related industries with extensive and proven non-profit guidance.

• FAITH STEVELMAN: Wall Street trained business attorney; Professor of Law at the U.W. School of Law with vast experience in administrative leadership and non-profit governance.

All four individuals participated in an extensive interview and screening process prior to being elected to three-year terms of service. They bring to the Board the desired combination of skill sets and perspectives that align with our strategies, goals and needs.

We are also proud to introduce our newly elected Board Officers who will be instrumental in charting Kline Galland’s course in shaping the future of senior care:

~ Brian Quint, Chairman
~ Jack Almo, 1st Vice Chair
~ Irene Fisher, 2nd Vice Chair
~ Robert Simon, Treasurer
~ Barbara Sulman, Secretary
~ Allan Steinman, Immediate Past Chair

Members of the Kline Galland Board of Directors are a dedicated group of community volunteers who, individually and collectively, seek to guard and further the mission of the entire organization which is:

A living commitment, inspired by Jewish values,
to provide exceptional senior care by exceptional people …
every day, in every way, for everyone.

Jeff Cohen, CEO, Kline Galland

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