May 19, 2022

What’s it like to work with your mom?

At Kline Galland, we’ve always seen our community of employees, volunteers, residents and patients as a big family. Some of our employees take this more literally than others…In honor of Mother’s Day this month, we wanted to highlight two generations of amazing women from the same family who work together here at Kline Galland. 

Minierva Meriales started working at Kline Galland Home as a C.N.A. in June of 2000. Her daughter, Meriane Dumaguing, joined her at Kline Galland in 2007 working in the front office, and was then promoted to the Director of Health Information Tech Services, her current role. In 2016, Meriane’s sister Diane Bielze joined the Kline Galland team as a nursing scheduler before becoming an Accounts Payable Specialist. Finally, their other sister, Ailleen Meriales, joined her sisters and mother by accepting a job as a Medical Record Technician in October of 2019.

Minierva is exceedingly proud of her daughters and loves getting to spend time bonding with them while they are at work. Recently, Meriane, Diane, and Ailleen were nice enough to answer a few questions about following their mother’s footsteps into a career in healthcare and working together at Kline Galland.

How did you start working at Kline Galland? 

Meriane: After graduating from Bryman College with a Master of Arts in Administration, I decided that I wanted to follow in my older sister’s footprints and pursue a career in health care. So, I asked my mom if Kline Galland was hiring for the front office and sure enough they were.
Diane: Initially, I worked for an agency and moved from one facility to another. After that, I began working as a Patient Service Representative and started working at Kline Galland as substitute Medical Records when my sister Meriane went on maternity leave.
Ailleen: My mom and sisters helped me get my foot in the door of Kline Galland’s family. I wouldn’t be here without their guidance and support.

What are your favorite things about working with your family at Kline Galland? 

Diane: Well, first I would say that everyone here is family, whether they are related or not. What I particularly like about working with my mom and sisters is seeing how dedicated and hardworking they all are. 
Ailleen: My mom and sisters had worked here a long time when I started, so they really helped show me the ins and outs of Kline Galland. I am so grateful to have them in my life, both at home and at work!
Meriane: It’s so nice to be able to converse and bond with them during breaks and lunchtime. It’s also rewarding to see them working here and achieving success in different departments and areas.

Are there any fun or funny anecdotes to share about working with your family? 

Meriane: One time my mom was babysitting my daughter and was planning to bring her to meet me at Kline Galland. Unfortunately, she accidentally locked her keys in the car! We ended up having to call a locksmith to open it.
Diane: No specific stories, but I do love all of the jokes and fun we have every day by doing silly familial things like bossing each other around or stealing each other’s snacks. I will also say that one of us is a bigger troublemaker than the others, but I won’t say who it is.
Ailleen: I used to bus everywhere but my mom would take her free time to drop me off at school or work. She was the one who picked me up on my first day of orientation at Kline Galland Home, waited in the car, and then dropped me off at Georgetown to finish my classes before driving back to work her evening shift. Our mom has been our greatest supporter and fan!

This kind of intergenerational engagement is a critical part of Kline Galland’s identity, and we are honored to employ amazing families like this. If you (or your mom, or your aunt, or your cousin) are interested in joining the Kline Galland family, please visit our Careers page by clicking here or call 206-725-8800.

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