Kline Galland offers Scholarship Funds that support our wonderful employees and their families. To discuss scholarship fund opportunities or if you are interested in learning more, please contact Nate Nusbaum at / (206) 456-9702

Arva Gray Scholarship Fund

The Arva Gray Scholarship is available to a child whose parent/grandparent has been employed at the Kline Galland Home, The Mary Schwartz Summit or our Benaroya Community Services preferably for at least one year and who works a minimum of 20 hours per week. 

A maximum of $5,000 (up to five applicants may receive $1,000 each) will be awarded per academic year to an individual or individuals applying and/or attending an accredited vocational college, community college or university this fall, winter or spring.  Students may reapply each year; however, there is no guarantee of recurring scholarships.

The Arva Gray Scholarship Fund has been established by the Gray Family in honor of a remarkable woman who served on the Board of Directors of Kline Galland for over 55 years and was the first woman Board president. Mrs. Gray was always a strong advocate for the staff and often said:  “If we really want to care for our residents, we must care for the staff.” During Mrs. Gray’s tenure as Chair of the Personnel Committee, she worked to ensure that Kline Galland provided the highest standards of training to its employees and provided the highest level of benefits as well.

Barry Schneiderman Nursing Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is for a current Kline Galland employee that wants to further their Nursing career. It may be a Certified Nursing Assistant who wants to attend Nursing school, or an Licensed Practical Nurse who wants to pursue becoming a Registered Nurse. The scholarship is a total of $5,000. Multiple honorees will share the $5000 scholarship (up to 2 recipients may receive $2500 each).

By receiving the scholarship the recipient is encouraged to work for Kline Galland for a minimum of 2 years.  Kline Galland will work with the staff member to honor school schedules.

Continuing Education Fund

Kline Galland is committed to expanding career opportunities to existing staff through a continuing education fund to further their career in a field of study that would benefit Kline Galland services. Some examples may be for a Physical Therapy Assistant to become a Physical Therapist, or a Culinary employee to become a registered dietician. The fund would allow multiple disciplines to receive specialty certification in areas such as gerontology, palliative care, hospice, etc. While our current Barry Schneiderman Scholarship Fund assists staff with pursuing nursing careers, our Continuing Education fund would broaden our support to other disciplines as well.

This Education fund will cultivate our current staff to advance to other positions they seek within the organization that need specific training and skills. It will assist with filling vacancies with quality, dedicated staff who already part of the Kline Galland organization. A continuing education fund will create new career paths for our staff members, allow us to retain top quality staff, while also benefiting our Kline Galland services.


 To discuss scholarship fund opportunities or if you are interested in learning more, please contact Nate Nusbaum at / (206) 456-9702