Making A Difference is In The Doing

Volunteers are the backbone of Kline Galland. For over a century, volunteers have enabled Kline Galland to be at the forefront of our community’s ability to enhance “quality of life” and provide greater “quality of care” for one another.

We have a special appreciation for the generations of community members who serve so unselfishly on our Board of Directors. They volunteer unlimited time, talent and insightful leadership, ensuring that we remain fiscally sound and able to grow and support our mission for years to come.


Alyssa Bobman Cohen speaks up about the value and values of volunteering.

Volunteering at Kline Galland is rewarding and a great opportunity to match your special interests with a wide variety of opportunities. Volunteer a little, volunteer a lot. Either way, making a difference is in the doing. Some thought-starters for your consideration include:

  • Offer companionship by being a friendly visitor
  • Showcase your special talents in music, storytelling, even baking
  • Pet therapy always brightens someone’s day (yours, too)
  • Support patients/families through the end-of-life journey with our Hospice Team
  • Help lead group activities in our Polack Adult Day Center

For more information please contact:

Alyssa Bobman Cohen, Director of Volunteer Services  / (206) 209-6531

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