May 11, 2023

Alyssa Cohen’s Calling Always Included Kline Galland

Not everyone has the opportunity to discover their vocation at the age of 12, but that’s what happened for Alyssa Bobman Cohen, the new Director of Marketing at the Mary Schwartz Summit. And it happened at Kline Galland.

As a young girl, Alyssa recalls her parents being big proponents of giving back to others, especially as a way to honor elders. So, at the age of 12, for Mitzvah Day, she volunteered at Kline Galland. She probably didn’t expect that one day to set her course in life, but Alyssa clearly remembers that she really enjoyed spending time with the seniors. There was something natural about her being there.

Soon, Alyssa became a regular volunteer, visiting Kline Galland throughout her childhood and into young adulthood, helping out. It was her mother who introduced Alyssa to the field of gerontology, even highlighting the excellent program at The University of Southern California.

Finally, Alyssa had a name for her calling.

About halfway through earning her master’s degree, Alyssa received a literal call – this time to return to Kline Galland as an employee! With her years of service and formal training and education, the role of Director of Volunteer Services was practically made for Alyssa. She gladly accepted and began “learning the ropes” of Kline Galland.

Alyssa dug into the work, starting at the Kline Galland Home, Hospice and eventually branching out to the Mary Schwartz Summit. She knew that ensuring a good experience for clients and volunteers alike was critical for success. Alyssa updated the orientation and training for volunteers. She expanded the operational support, personally facilitating onboarding of new patients with volunteers for the best outcomes. She created volunteer notetaking practices that could be directly added to the medical record for better medical care and productivity. One of her favorite events? A Senior Senior Prom, so elderly residents of the Summit could have a fun evening of dancing in fancy attire.

Alyssa is thrilled with her new position as Director of Marketing, although she thinks the title is a bit misleading. She says, “I’m not putting together brochures. What I am doing is helping individuals and their loved ones who are searching for a new home.” She’s helping people discover the active, vibrant community at the Mary Schwartz Summit.

When asked about what she wishes people would know, Alyssa answers that she wants families to call her sooner. “People wait until a crisis, and they are really missing out. Residents are supported so they can have their best quality of life at any stage. This is a place for a thriving life! Waiting too long can rob individuals of those amazing experiences.”  

 If you or a loved one is interested in learning more about the Mary Schwartz Summit and Independent or Assisted Living, reach out! You can learn more here.

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