January 21, 2022

Tech Tips: How to Easily Use Video-based Platforms

New technology can certainly be intimidating or frustrating. However, there are many resources available to help ensure that you or a loved one are capable of handling. In this vein, we wanted to take a moment and point out some tips and tricks to help streamline the process and eliminate frustration – allowing more time for the heartfelt conversations we truly need:

    • Zoom – This platform has taken off exponentially since the start of COVID, due in large part to the ease of use, free usage (for a limited number of participants), and quality of video. It does, however, require a small bit of set-up to get started. First, you will want to download the software required. Simply click “Download” under Zoom Client for Meetings. Once it has downloaded, you’ll make a user account with your email address and a desired password. Then, you’re ready to Zoom! You can set up meetings ahead of time or join someone else’s meeting if they send you a link via email (to open a meeting sent to you, simply open the Zoom app to ensure it is launched properly and click the link!). You can even add in fun backgrounds or filters to your chat screen. For a longer tutorial, check out this video!
    • FaceTime – If you and your loved ones are iPhone/Apple product users, you can FaceTime! One great feature of FaceTime is that it comes already downloaded on your device – you just need to access it. You might see the FaceTime icon on your home screen. If so, simply press the icon, then add in the name of the individual you’d like to talk with. Click video when prompted, then the call will begin! You can also find the person’s name under contacts and click the same FaceTime icon (in lieu of the regular phone symbol). For a step-by-step visual guide on FaceTime, look through this article.
    • WhatsApp – This is a great tool for those that may not have iPhones/Apple devices or prefer to use Wi-Fi connections as opposed to cellular towers (if you are in a place with poor phone reception, WhatsApp is a great alternative!). This is an app you can download on your mobile device and acts as a hub for text messaging as well as calling. The app will even access your contact list, so no need to transfer over various phone numbers. Simply find the person you want to call and add them as a new chat, then click the “video” icon to start a chat. For more information on setting up and using WhatsApp, check out this tutorial; here is one for video.

Additionally, there are MANY resources online to help you get set up and feel comfortable using video technology. Don’t be afraid to “Google” a question (hint: click the “videos” tab in Google for videos that will walk you through setup or use of any of the tools mentioned above). Video chatting should be fun and stress-free, and we hope this helps you find time to connect with your loved ones soon.

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