February 25, 2022

Kline Galland Helps Jumpstart Careers in Nursing

For those looking to begin a career in healthcare – Kline Galland Academy is here to help, free of charge. Our four-week academic program gives students the opportunity to earn their Nursing Assistant Certification (NAC) and work with Kline Galland upon successful graduation.

To help you learn more about the Kline Galland Academy, we sat down with Anis Babaee, who is the Director for Kline Galland’s Nursing Program and the Kline Galland Academy:

Tell me more about the Kline Galland Academy.

Kline Galland Academy is a NAC training program established in February of 2019. It provides hands-on experience in a dynamic Skilled Nursing Facility/Long-Term Care setting. We have customized our program to give students real-life education and skills that they will employ in the actual workplace. Classes are conducted in a fast-paced and vibrant clinical setting, rather than a simulated environment, allowing students to learn about both long-term care and rehabilitation/skilled nursing. Throughout the course, we emphasize compassionate care with hospice patients, which can be a valuable and enriching experience for any clinician at any point in their healthcare career.  

Why was the program created?

Nursing shortages have affected the healthcare industry nationwide. Kline Galland has done an amazing job of retaining staff, but we also want to invest in ways to bring talented new people into our community. So far, we’ve graduated a total of 56 NACs from the Kline Galland Academy and hired 90% of them to work here with us here at Kline Galland. These NACs are great employees and are excelling in part because they were educated in our system, by individuals who eventually became their coworkers.

What kind of certification do Kline Academy students graduate with?

Upon completion of the training program, prospective NACs graduate with their Nursing Assistant Registered certification, which also allows them to sit for their Washington state certification exam to qualify for Nursing Assistant Certified.

When does the next program start? How much does it cost to enroll?

The next class rotation begins on April 15th and I’m happy to share that, through a generous gift from the children and grandchildren of Lynn Du Bey, we are proud to offer this program free of charge. Kline Galland provides all equipment and necessary learning supplies. Candidates are only responsible for registration fees paid to the state when the time comes to take their certification exam(s). If for any reason a student should need financial assistance for their certification exams, assistance can also be provided through our Human Resources department.

And how long have you been at Kline Galland? What do you love about working here?

Working here and directing Kline Galland’s Nursing Program and Kline Galland Academy is truly one of the most rewarding experiences of my entire life. I love what I do, and I consider myself blessed to spend every day with coworkers that have become family members. I hope to continue creating lasting memories with our patients and residents together for a long time.

If you are interested in learning more about the program or applying, please contact Esteve Samson (EsteveS@KlineGalland.org) or call us at (206) 725-8800. You can download an application for Kline Galland Academy by clicking here.

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