Laura Rousso

I was born and raised in Seattle and have been fortunate to be able to raise my family in the city that I love. I was lucky to be married to a wonderful man and have three beautiful children. Family has always been the biggest thing in my life. First with the large family I was brought up in. I was the sixth child of eight brothers and sisters. Both my older sisters guided and spoiled me. I always felt like I was raised by three mothers.

I was also fortunate to have worked in the cosmetic departments of The Bon Marche and Fredrick and Nelsons since graduating high school. Working gave me financial freedom and the opportunity to “talk, talk, talk” which is one of my greatest skills.

I am also blessed to have lived such a long life which I attribute to both my daily walk and drinking at least six glasses of water. “It helps to stay healthy and that ain’t easy.”